52 Lists Project – week nine // List the places you want to go

Week 9 - List the Places You Want to Go


Week nine. List the places you want to go.

The great thing about posting this list a little late is that I can see how much I’ve already accomplished. It feels good.

  • Bed / I slept nine hours last night
  • Seaside / We’ve just spent a week by the sea
  • Swimming / Swam in the sea
  • Happy place / That week by the sea was a happy one. Contented and at peace
  • Cornwall / Not long now until we can go back
  • Pilates / Ongoing. And going to extra classes during half-term
  • Somewhere warm / Our week by the sea… St Lucia
  • London’s cats cafe / Booked for June

And we also rose to the weekly challenge and attended our first willpower and grace class. We had been talking about it for a while. The challenge in week nine was the catalyst. We did it, and hurt for the following two days. But it was a great class, and we’ll go again. I’m sure.



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