52 Lists Project – week ten // List the ways you can cleanse for Spring

Week 10 - List the ways you can cleanse for Spring


Week ten. List the ways you can cleanse for Spring.

Progress. I have cleaned the bathroom; opened the back door (letting the sun and fresh air in); vacuumed the stairs; organised a couple of Dropbox folders; emptied the St Lucia rucksacks and put things away; emptied and re-organised the staples cupboard (either I did this recently or we’re better at using stuff, hardly any food needed to be thrown out this time) and emptied my computer bins. I also completed the challenge (we have two desks and are trying to downsize to one so stuff needs to be disposed of or properly put away).

** Yeah **

Yet. I didn’t feel I’d achieved anything.

Having a homely cleaner home. Getting things done. Crossing things off the to do list. Helping to take some weight off the mind. Surely that was the point of this list, no?

I guess this was partly why it took me so long to write the list, or more to the point, to commit it to paper. There is so much to do. That list needed to be pages long and I knew this wasn’t helpful or realistic. I make lists and cross things off them. Finding the balance of listing and doing is hard, especially at the moment when I’m just about holding myself together.

Yes, a lot more needs doing. But I’ve made a start.

Maybe this was the kick start I needed. I’m now consciously adding a couple of items to my weekly to do list.

Take heed.


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