62 and counting…

An incredible year.

  • January: still in the Maldives
  • April: Liberia
  • May: Togo
  • June: Senegal; Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • July: Svalbard; Norway
  • October: Chile
  • November: the Falklands Islands; South Georgia; Chile; France

A few of these trips were planned. Others were all about making the most of any opportunities which presented themselves to us.

Plans for 2014 are still very much in the making. Lots of obstacles to overcome. We were thinking Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. The Kamchatka wilderness appealed to us. We thought about a week in Jodhpur, taking in the colours. All these plans have been scrapped. Despite applying for five games, we didn’t get any tickets, so no Brazil for us. Russia and India. Our consciences are saying no.

And so back to planning. Definitely a slower year.

The lure of the Arctic? Eastern Europe?

World map shower curtain (January 2014)

Our world map shower curtain is our best buy of the year so far.

Hey, feel free to send suggestions our way. Now, go and create your own visited country map and if you want, let me know what it looks like. I’d love that.

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