A walk in the park – January 2014

Squirrel in the tree (January 2014)

Squirrel looking for food (January 2014)

Tree bark pattern (January 2014)

Tree bark texture (January 2014)

The pond (January 2014)

Pochards (January 2014)

Bandstand (January 2014)

Bandstand detail (January 2014)

View through the bandstand (January 2014)

Detail, bandstand (January 2014)

Rain approaching (January 2014)

January is drifting by.

My ‘getting organised’ year is leading us to have scrummy food for dinner twice a week. We are going through our recipe cuttings, two recipes a week.  The recipes we like are getting filed and indexed. At week 4, only one recipe hasn’t made it through.  This is working extremely well for us. We were getting stuck in the rut of same old, same old every week. Dinners are exciting again.

I spend my spare time swimming, going to my favourite local cafe for breakfast and for long walks in the walk.

A sunny morning took me to the park.

There were squirrels everywhere. And near the pond, pochards and moorhens. Never seen those before.

The light was bright. A storm was on its way.

The bandstand glowed.

There was colour and texture everywhere.

Squirrel eating a nut (January 2014)

I stopped to look at a squirrel eating a nut, unperturbed by my presence. So much so, that I was able to get a tad closer and shoot a video.

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