ANSEL ADAMS / PHOTOGRAPHY from the MOUNTAINS to the SEA – NMM, January 2013

Ansel Adams / PHOTOGRAPHY from the MOUNTAINS to the SEA (National Maritime Museum, January 2013)
(Source: NMM website)

I don’t really know what to say about the Ansel Adams exhibition… except that if you can go and see it, go and see it.

Adams’s works of the Yosemite brought back memories of Mirror Lake, El Capitan, Half Dome, the Adams Gallery, the cemetery and one of my all time favourite places in the world, Glacier Point.

My memories also stretched back to bear warnings (but sadly no sightings) and water – waterfalls and lakes.

The photographs on show feature water. Water as ‘mysterious, ephemeral and transitory‘. He explored the subject in all its forms, ‘from turbulent views of rapids and waterfalls to contemplative scenes of rivers and pools’.

Ansel Adams’s most important contribution to photography is perhaps how keen he was to ‘let the camera speak‘.

He spent his life documenting the National Park and the changes over time. 

Aware that action was ‘happening faster than the eye can see‘, Adams’s works ‘froze motion in time‘. Again, unsurprisingly, his manipulation of his camera and his work in the dark room established him as a leading figure in the Photographic Modernism movement. (Source for all quotes: NMM).

Ansel Adams has INSPIRED me to

At the end of the exhibition, they had these postcards that you can fill in and peg to a wall. The line of postcards made for interesting reading. It’s funny how we can all see the same thing and get something different out of it. Mostly, however, it was about people getting their cameras back out or getting out again to take photos.

And yes, Ansel Adams INSPIRED me to… do more of all that.

In the museum cafe, taking in the light in the trees, we discussed how we were going to put more time aside from now on to get out there more or at the very least not do any less than what we’re doing already. 

Light through the trees, Greenwich park (January 2013)

Coffee, NMM Cafe (January 2013)

ANSEL ADAMS / PHOTOGRAPHY from the MOUNTAINS to the SEA is on at the NMM until 28 April 2013. Admission fee. 

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