Arctic Film Season at Canada House, London (part 2)

I went back to Canada House last night for the screening of Before Tomorrow.

I knew nothing about the film, apart from the small synopsis which sounded intriguing: “Before Tomorrow is the story of a woman who demonstrates that human dignity is at the core of life from beginning to end, as she faces with her grandson the ultimate challenge of survival”. (Source:

Adapted from the novel For morgendagen (by the Danish writer Jørn Riel), the story captures what happens when a secluded Inuit tribe comes into contact with Europeans, with catastrophic effects.

It certainly made me aware that we all have a responsibility when visiting other countries and coming into contact with people. Who we are and what we do affects other people and their way of life. And not always in a good way. It also powerfully makes you wonder what you would do when faced with the hardest decision you will have to make for yourself and the ones you love…

Such a sad story. So sad…

Before Tomorrow could almost give Breaking the Waves a run for its money as the saddest film I have ever seen.

The scenery however was astounding and you can tell that these people are proud of where they live and that they don’t take the beauty around them for granted. Yes, it’s stunning… but the conditions there are so harsh.

There’s one more screening at Canada House next week (contact Canada House to register for tickets):
Passage, 20 October 2009

North West Passage is on at the NMM until 3 January 2010.

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