Autumn colours

Flower shop, Greenwich (October 2013)

Orange chillies, Greenwich (October 2013)

Yellow chillies, Greenwich (October 2013)

The Creeky Shed, Greenwich (October 2013)

Pumpkins, Wood Street indoor market (October 2013)

I love Autumn.

The colours are stunning.

The leaves turn. They fall. Bringing colours to boring pavements.

And awesome shop displays. Autumnal pumpkins and cheeky chillies. Natural and colourful.

All across London. From Greenwich to Wood Street indoor market.

Our thoughts now turn to Christmas (and sadly, shop displays turn cynical).

It is much colder so far than I remember November to be.

Snow in December? Well, wouldn’t that be something?

Keeping warm. And drinking gallons of tea.


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