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Art Summary (2013, Q1)

This is my first night home in a long time.

The last few weeks have been… well… strange.

A project at work nearing its deadline had meant 10 to 14 hour days (hence the silence on here, my apologies). And I fear it’s affected me more than I thought it had. I seem to have spent my ‘downtime’ creating a graph. Crazy.

And then (even more crazy), an opportunity came up and at short notice, I ended up in Liberia. I was only there for a short while, but I had a great time. I’ll share my adventures with you over the next few days, of course. I’m currently sorting through the stories and the photos.

Until then, I must say I like the graph. It’s just a bit of fun… and a lovely summary of 2013 to date. ‘The year of doing things and making the most of opportunities’.

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