Badgers rule

Badgers rule (December 2013)

2013 Christmas Tree

Christmas 2013 (December 2013)

Glöggi (December 2013)

Glöggi (December 2013)

Mini pear and cranberry tart (December 2013)

Danish pastry and tea (December 2013)

In our home, badgers rule.

And this year, they get to top the tree.

We got our tree this weekend, after a lazy, tasty, breakfast at Royal Teas. We decorated it to Christmas carols and non-alcoholic glöggi. We don’t normally get our tree so early but since I’m at home at the moment, well… it means that I now get to spend lots of time in front of it, snuggling on the sofa with a good book.

The smell of pine and scented candles are permeating through the house.

Slowly, we’re getting ready. The house is in better shape than it had been for a while.

There will be no mad rush for us this year.

We’ve selected our recipes for the Christmas week and are treating ourselves to lovely food in the meantime. We’ve had this lovely split pea soup. It’s not a looker but it tastes really good. And we decided to give risotto another chance. We’ve had so many average ones that we considered giving up. But we’ve tried some truly fantastic recipes in these last couple of weeks. A really tasty fennel and vodka (oh yes!) risotto recommended by a friend and this delicious aubergine and lemon risotto. No more average risottos for us. We’re hooked.

What have I been up to.

Well, I’m spending time in the garden raking leaves mostly, in the company of my feathery friend, who is not so shy anymore. I treated myself to a delicious (tiny) pear and cranberry tart. When I went to get more, they didn’t have any so I got a yummy Danish pastry instead. The jigsaw is finished. Read into this what you may. I have a ‘back to work’ date. So I’m taking it easy and thinking about 2014, putting a plan together.

I’m also getting into the spirit of the holidays. I’m currently reading (and enjoying) Finn Family Moomintroll. And I watched Mirror, Mirror. Did any of you notice that Snow White was spurred into action by Baker Lady?

Baker Lady. Love it.

I love this time of year.

I love Christmas.


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