Banksy Versus Bristol Museum – Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery, July 2009

I know, I know… it’s in Bristol… but it’s the exhibition of 2009 as far as I’m concerned so worth treking west for!

Banksy Versus Bristol Museum exhibition at the Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery

Banksy has got to be the most inspirational artist of our time.

The  Banksy Versus Bristol Museum exhibition at the Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery is a delight. The main Banksy room is packed full of ideas and thought-provoking works. And then… it’s a massive treasure hunt for Banksy works throughout the rest of the museum… Great fun.

It’s a great way to see the museum to be honest. There are a few interesting bits and pieces there but frankly, that’s about it. It feels a bit like a museum from the dinosaur era. My finds include a couple of Richard Long works (an artist worth looking into I think).

But back to Banksy. Photography is allowed and so you can take photos and then when you’re back home, you can add them to the Banksy page on Flickr! (And see whether you missed a few out or whether you found them all!).

This is not a photo opportunity, Banksy

Be prepared to queue. I got there just after 9:00am (it opens at 10:00am) and queued for just over an hour. The first room is quite crowded but after that, it’s not so bad.

Been there, done that… got the stamp!

Banksy Versus Bristol Museum is on at the Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery until 31 August. FREE.

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  1. Bristol Jobs says:

    Banksy is a phenomenal artist and someone who is all too often overlooked by those seeking a dose of traditional art. The world is changing, mindsets are changing and art is changing, the cues to get in to the exhibition are proof of the respect given by loyal fans and interested spectators.

    Schools should start teaching this unusual art form, they may find they attract more people to their classes

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