Botswana and Zambia – Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Leopard, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Antelope passing by our camp, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Black Mamba warning sign, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

In Moremi, we got lucky and had our best sighting of a leopard, ever.

We saw plenty more: kudus; red billed francolins; impalas; velvet monkeys; a troop of baboons; hippos; buffalos; steenboks; bee-eaters and little bee-eaters; hornbills; guinea-fowls; waterhogs; tsessebe antelopes; marabou storks; forked-tailed drongo; open-billed storks; fish eagles; grey herons; elephants; giraffes; zebras; coppery-tailed coucal and lechwe (our first ever sighting).

Luckily, we didn’t come across the black mamba!

Back at our camp, even downtime was an opportunity to watch animals as an inquisitive antelope approached us.

It’s been fun writing about Botswana and Zambia. That was a great trip. The memories have stayed with me so strongly.

I can’t wait to go back to Africa…

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