Caitlin Rose – Dingwalls, 27 February 2013

Tickets to Caitlin Rose, Dingwalls (27 February 2013)

Witty, funny and friendly Caitlin…

And so good. So damn good.

She seemed a little different on stage, more confident may be?

There was a great mixture of new songs, old favourites and the best sing-along ever!

I didn’t particularly like the venue (too many people, not enough space and whatever space there was seemed to have a restricted view of the stage. And… I always seemed to be in the way, constantly asked to let people through so their could spill their pints on my converse it seems…) but it looked a tad bigger than any other venues where we’ve seen her perform before.

Which is great.

We want Caitlin to be popular and we want her to get the credit she deserves. She’s awesome.

So awesome in fact that the gig got a very good review in The Independent (you can tell they really like her, they had a stream to her new album, The Stand-In, on their site for a few days leading up to the gig).

Ah, yes… this reminds me. Can someone explain to me the logic of releasing your album just days before your gig? Your fans will be desperate to hear your news songs. People discovering you through album reviews won’t have a chance to get to your gig because tickets have sold out to those in the know.

Anyhow. Come back soon Caitlin (we couldn’t get tickets to the Windmill)!

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