Christmas 2012 – our handmade card

2012 Christmas card

2012 Christmas card (detail)

A labour of love.

We’re extremely pleased with our cards. We think they’re lovely (and we got great feedback from lucky recipients, so it’s not just us).

We had, quite early on, settled for a photographic design this year. And when the photo sample came back, we knew we had a winner.

This is a view from the Paatsjoki bridge (Lapland, Finland), where we spent an incredible afternoon on a very snowy day, last March. The image has not been tampered with (other than cropped); it was a monochrome day.

We found the perfect cards – grey linear square card set (£4.50 for a pack of ten). Oh how I love Paperchase.

It takes time to make 70-odd cards… but I’d never consider not making my own now.

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