Cold Cornwall

Booby's Bay, Cornwall (March 2013)

Stormy wave, Booby's Bay, Cornwall (March 2013)

Wave breaking, Booby's Bay, Cornwall, (March 2013)

Our simple picnic, Booby's Bay, Cornwall (March 2013)

Sand dunes, Constantine Bay, Cornwall (March 2013)

What’s with the weather?

Yesterday, we had a mini (wet) snow storm and this morning, the pavements were icy and dangerously slippery. It’s freezing. Literally. On 2 April.

For our weekend away to Cornwall, the weekend before last, I packed as much as if we were going to the Arctic (funnily enough, we were in the Arctic last March and the March before that too).

It was cold. There was a cutting wind… but as usual, we made the most of the elements.

On Saturday, we took the bus to Constantine Bay… and after pottering about for a while, we walked to Booby’s Bay. There, we watched the waves as they crashed, high and loud. We had a simple picnic. There were very few people about on Constantine Beach… and ever fewer around Booby’s Bay. We had the place to ourselves. Peaceful, but for the sound of the waves. The sun coming in and out. The wind unforgiving. A hypnotising spectacle in front of our eyes.

In the evening, we had dinner in the dark. We’d planned to have a candlelit dinner to coincide with Earth Hour, except that we’d run out of candles. At 8:27pm, the dinner was still cooking and there was a load in the washing machine. We made up for the late start by starting our earth hour a little later (I hope that still counts!). Dinner was tasty, rich and warming: Eggplant and Tomato Bake from The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook.

The Other Half bodyboarding, Porth Beach (March 2013)

Cave, Porth Beach, Cornwall (March 2013)

Seaweed, Porth Beach, Cornwall (March 2013)

Three white lines, Porth Beach, Cornwall

Danger sign, Porth Beach, Cornwall  (March 2013)

On Sunday morning, the Other Half went bodyboarding whilst I continued with my exploration of Porth Beach. So rich in patterns, colours, life. A whole microcosm… just there.

In the afternoon, we went up to the Island and were lucky enough to see the famous Blow Hole. I had read about it in my very old guidebook, Newquay and North Cornwall (Ward Lock Red Guide). The sea was rough, so the effect was spectacular. If you find yourself in the area on a windy/stormy day when the tide is half way up, check it out. It’s awesome. To get there, stay on the left-hand side of the path, once you’ve crossed the wooden bridge, climb up the little mount and go over to the right, the blow hole should be in front of you).

Porth's Blow Hole (Newquay and North Cornwall Ward Lock Red Guide)

Favourite Cornish Recipes cookbook (March 2013)

For dinner, we tried a recipe from Favourite Cornish Recipes. We made a vegetarian version of Cornish Chicken Pie which we had with fresh peas.

Lunch at Fountain Inn, Mevagissey, Cornwall (March 2013)

Birds, Mevagissey, (March 2013)

Mevagissey harbour, Cornwall (March 2013)

Mevagissey lighthouse, Cornwall (March 2013)

Do not feed the seagulls sign, Mevagissey, Cornwall (March 2013)

Red and grey fishing crates, Mevagissey, Cornwall (March 2013)

Lobster catchers, Megavissey, Cornwall (March 2013)

Fish cleaning work station, fishing boat, Mevagissey, Cornwall (March 2013)

On Monday, we took a day trip to Mevagissey, a lovely old fishing village, on the outskirts of St Austell. We had lunch in front of a wood fire at the Fountain Inn, an old pub, near the harbour.

Those red and grey fishing crates have a hint of Scandinavian about them I’d say.

We’ll definitely visit again, may be when it’s a bit warmer and we can take in the coast as well. And in season, so that we can check out the local museum.

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