Cornwall – January 2013

Holywell Bay (January 2013)

Seashell, Holywell Bay (January 2013)

Entrance to the cave, Holywell Bay (January 2013)

Coastal path diversion (January 2013)

Spiced cider, The Beach Hut (January 2013)

Snowy trees, London (January 2013)

I love our weekends in Cornwall. And the ‘out of season’ ones are some of the best.

Near-deserted beaches.

Nice crisp weather.

We found a new cave to explore in Holywell Bay (must remember to take a torch with us next time!).

The coastal path took a battering from the recent heavy rain. On close inspection, I suspect rabbit holes are to blame too.

Spiced cider at The Beach Hut.

And then bizarrely, snow.

Back in London. There was a thick blanket of snow everywhere.

So pretty.

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