Cornwall – January 2014

Blue Hills mine (January 2014)

Blue sky through branches, Blue Hills mine (January 2014)

New life, Blue Hills mine (January 2014)

Flora (January 2014)

Leaf (January 2014)

Plants against the sky (January 2014)

Moon reflection in flooded path (January 2014)

Sea view (January 2014)

Dramatic and rugged coastline (January 2014)

Sunset near Perranporth (January 2014)

Newquay railway station sign in the rain (January 2014)

One of the reasons we love spending time in Cornwall is that no matter when you go, you have a great time. If it’s sunny, we go for long walks or bodyboarding. If it rains, we go for long walks or bodyboarding.

Last weekend was exactly like that.

The Saturday was amazing. Fresh, but sunny. We had planned to walk between St Agnes and Perranporth and that worked out extremely well. There were very few people about. We didn’t rush. We took in every moment. The wind. The flora. The sea. The dramatically rugged coastline. We explored the old bit of the Blue Hills mine. We gazed at the moon reflected in the flooded path.

After all the rain we have had, it felt magical to be out in the sun. There was a spring in my step. It felt good.

Walking little bits of the coastal path at a time works so well for us. We poodle along. But it all adds up. We have now walked about 35km of the coastal path, and some sections more than once.

Sunday was overcast. We went to the beach and found many treasures. The recent storms have brought many unusual shells to the beach, shells previously buried deep or at sea, and mermaid purses.

Precious weekend.

By the time we boarded our train back to London, it was pouring down.

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