Cornwall – May 2013 Bank Holiday weekend

View, Hell's Mouth (May 2013)

Hell's Mouth, Cornwall (May 2013)

Hell's Mouth Cafe, Cornwall (May 2013)

Harbour, St Ives (May 2013)

Starter, lunch at Porthminster Café, St Ives (May 2013)

Lunch at Porthminster Café, St Ives (May 2013)

St Ives (May 2013)

Forecast, St Ives (May 2013)

YMCA impressions in Padstow (May 2013)

Breakfast at Fifteen Cornwall (May 2013)

Ferry (May 2013)

Beach, Rock (May 2013)

St Enodoc Church, Trebetherick (May 2013)

St Enodoc Church, Cornwall (May 2013)

Inside the church, St Enodoc Church, Cornwall (May 2013)

Bedruthan Steps (May 2013)

Cheese scone, Bedruthan Steps (May 2013)

Hot chocolate, Lusty Glaze (May 2013)

Grey sky, grey sea (May 2013)

Hmmm. It was always my aim to write about Cornwall today.

How topical. The latest storm to batter Britain has inflicted much damage to the South West. The latest news is that Devon and Cornwall could be cut off for six months by a rail line ‘disaster’ at Dawlish. I guess we’ll be able to get refunds for the tickets already purchased. As for alternative modes of transport, the Other Half reckons that we’re past travelling long distance by coach (fair enough), and a quick internet search at lunchtime showed that flight prices have already gone up ridiculously high, as have train fares to Exeter (where we were hoping to catch a bus from there).

So, where does that leave us? Six months is an estimate I know. But not going there for six months, or five months, or four months or even three months is not an option. These weekends keep me sane. And Cornwall needs tourism badly.

And yet, more bad weather is on its way.

Oh. I guess I’ll just revisit old weekends and reminisce until things settle a bit. And so, down memory lane.

Revisiting our December escapade reminded me of trips we made to Cornwall last year, and in particular the early May Bank Holiday one.

Hell’s Mouth. We had dear friends coming to stay with us for the weekend. They have a car those dear friends of ours, and that means we were able to stop at the dramatically named Hell’s Mouth on our way to St Ives. We had refreshments at the cafe and wandered across the road to take in the scenery. The area is a great place to watch seabirds as they fly around the cliffs.

St Ives. We were lucky with the weather. Sunny, slightly windy. Our first stop in St Ives was Tate St Ives (more on that very soon). And then lunch at the wonderful Porthminster Café. Post-lunch friendly YMCA impressions.

Padstow. Breakfast at Fifteen Cornwall (yummy). Short drive to Padstow. A walk around the harbour. Ferry across the Camel Estuary.

Rock. Walk along the coastal path. Sand. Beach. Dunes. Skimming stones. St Enodoc Church, such a pretty little church and, incidentally, where John Betjeman’s buried.

Bedruthan Steps. Afternoon tea. Cheese Scones. Staring at the sea for what seemed like hours, the sun still out, the colours brights. Birds chirping away.

The weekend coming to an end. Hot chocolate at Lusty Glaze. Almost time to head back to London. The weather taking a timely turn for the worse.

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