Cornwall weekend – February 2015

Harlyn Bay, North Cornwall

For one reason or another, we have spent most of our weekends so far this year hibernating. Our recent home improvement projects have made our house a warm cozy home. Lazy mornings in bed, followed by brunch. Reading. Watching films. Cooking. It’s been fun. And addictive.

Fearing cabin fever, and in search of fresh air, we opted to spend this past weekend in Cornwall.

Saturday. We took a day trip to Harlyn Bay in North Cornwall.

For no particular reason except that I remembered it as a nice beach from that day, ages ago, when we walked that bit of the coast.

A wide, long and sandy beach. Deserted.

There was hardly another soul there. It did feel like we had the place to ourselves.

And that’s one of the things we love best about Cornwall. We have learnt to avoid the summer weekends. Winters? We claim the place as ours. As long as we’re dressed for it, we’re out there. Exploring.

And so we explored. On what turned out to be a beautifully sunny spring-like day. With wind. Lots of wind.

Oh yeah, we certainly got the fresh air we’d been craving.

Chilled to the bones, after waiting almost two hours for a bus (no really, I don’t want to talk about this. It’s still too painful), I got rewarded with a white chocolate coconut rum winter warmer.

Sunday was a different story. We got up late and stayed put. I read and mooched about. The Other Half cooked us North-American-style pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup.

Talking of recipes. Hmmm. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In a recent post, I mentioned my Pinterest board where you can find the recipes we have made and loved so far this year. I forgot to ‘unsecret’ the board. Oooops. Apologies. Let’s pretend this didn’t happen. Here’s a link to my tried and tasted board again, with our February recipes as an added bonus. Will this make up for my imbecility?


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