CREEKSIDE OPEN 2009 – APT Gallery, 20 June 2009

As usual, I just about managed to make it to an exhibition before the final day.

CREEKSIDE OPEN 2009, at the APT gallery, gives you the opportunity to see works from artists across London. The exhibition I saw was curated by Mark Wallinger.

There were the usual video art works; pieces that make you think… ‘really, this is art?’ and a few works that leave you completely indifferent.

 A couple of works caught my eye however. Untitled (below left) by Hannah Brown for example. It is a fresh idea and it raises a smile. Spilt milk smell (below right) by Mindy Lee is exciting. I like the work that went into this piece. The symphony of colours. The shape of the work.

Untitled by Hannah BrownSpilt milk smell by Mindy Lee

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