Deptford Creek Walk – London, July 2009

I reserved my place for the Deptford Creek Walk a week in advance. An easy phone call to a very nice man. This tidal walk, organised by the Creekside Centre,  had been on my list of things to do for ages… but I always found out the dates too late.

Creekside low-tide walks poster, Creekside Centre

We started on time, equipped with waders and a long stick each. After a brief introduction about the centre and the creek, we went down ‘Deptford Beach’ and into the creek.

The way down to the creek Creek flood defense system

There’s something enormously satisfying about walking about in the water, without getting wet! 

We came across abandoned boats; the obligatory shopping trolleys; a wallet; and much more. We learnt about flood defences; the animals living in the creek (we saw crabs, leeches and other strange crawlies); how the creek is now much cleaner than ever before; how crabs shed their shells; etc. We also learnt about indigeneous plants. All very interesting and engaging.

Creek Boat in the creek

creek resident View of the Laban centre from the creek

Creek detail Working river

It’s one of those things that you could do time and time again… You wouldn’t get bored of it. I guess each tide would shape things differently. Seasonal differences may also bring added interest. 

Yes… it’s back on my list of things to do!

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