EXCHANGE by Clare Twomey

Exchange - 1,000 Good Deeds (Time Out)
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EXCHANGE by Clare Twomey

I really want to go to EXCHANGE by Clare Twomey at the Foundling Museum.

But it’s gonna be hard to find the time (it closes on 15 September). So, I’m telling you all now, just in case… so you have a chance to go.

I very much encourage you to go.

There is a review here. Doesn’t it sound great?

I love the concept.

And… I’ve wanted to go to the Foundling for ages.

I’m fascinated by the history of the place (“Britain’s first home for abandoned children). I can’t help thinking about the many children who passed through there. The sad stories… how desperate mothers would have to be to take their children there I cannot begin to imagine. And, hopefully, a few happy ones as children were sometimes ‘reclaimed’.

It’s funny how often I come across references to the Foundling.

It came up in The Paradise where we’re led to suspect that Clara’s daughter is staying at the Foundling and Clara needs to pay for her maintenance or her child will be put up for adoption. It came up in The Forgotten Garden and I was fascinated to learn that Kate Morton based Nell’s character on her Nana and a family secret. And it’s the name of Mary Gauthier’s album (a haunting listen by the way) which I got last Christmas. Mary, who was abandoned by her mother at birth dedicated her album to “... all adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers and adoptive parents who still suffer” (source: BBC review on

But back to EXCHANGE.

I took the plunge and ‘accepted’ a challenge online…  (where you can not only accept but also suggest challenges… spread the word!).

My challenge!

I guess I’ll be heading to the park in the very near future…

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