Experience the real Finnish Christmas… in London

Experience the real Finnish Christmas (November 2012)

Finnish church Christmas market (November 2012)

Nativity scene, Finnish church (November 2012)

New tupla (November 2012)

Nalle Manna (November 2012)

Herne yellow tins (November 2012)

AURAN Sinapi (November 2012)

Scandinavian food packet (November 2012)

PILTTI (November 2012)

Gløgg and naughty Gløgg (November 2012)

Gløgg and a ginger biscuit (November 2012)

Helsinki Helsingfors material (November 2012)

It turned out that staying in London this weekend wasn’t a hardship after all.

The Finnish Church was holding a Christmas market.

We walked through the market with a glass of Gløgg (we added almond flakes and raisins to ours. Tasty) and a crispy ginger biscuit.

In the church, we stocked up on ginger biscuits (they are dead nice), frozen lingonberries (lingonberries muffins anyone?); tupla (hilarious, this couple walked in and squeaked when they saw tupla. I’m not alone!), a bottle of Gløgg and rye bread.

A little Finnish corner in South London.


I hope this is a yearly event. I’ll be needing regular supplies.

Round the corner, we popped in the Norwegian church. The church was filled with craft stalls and people were milling around, catching up with each other.

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