Festival! – National Theatre, May 2012

Gerewol Male Beauty Contest, Niger (2007) by Tugela Ridley
Gerewol Male Beauty Contest, Niger, 2007 – Tugela Ridley

Hay-on-Wye Book Festival, UK (2004) by Andrew Fox
Hay-on-Wye Book Festival, UK, 2004 – Andrew Fox

Tomatina Feast, Spain (2009) by Biel Alino
Tomatina Feast, Spain, 2009 – Biel Alino

This summer, London is the place to be.

From Jubilee celebrations to the Olympics and Paralympic games, boy this town’s gonna party!

The Festival! exhibition looks at how we come together as one to celebrate.

Music and book festivals. Religions. Competitions. Traditions. Pageantry.

It’s fun. It’s colourful.

Festival! is on at the National Theatre until 4 June. Admission free.

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