Finland – snowshoeing on a sunny day (March 2012)

Snowshoeing trail (March 2012)

Animal tracks in the snow (March 2012)

Snowshoeing in the forest (March 2012)

Snow on a log (March 2012)

Preparing for lunch (March 2012)

In the forest (March 2012)

Snowy forest (March 2012)

On the lake (March 2012)

Snowmobile tracks (March 2012)

This was our first time snowshoeing.

We loved it.

Amazing scenery.

I loved walking in the snow, on existing tracks (narrow so you need to watch where you put your feet!) and on new tracks (slightly harder work).

So much snow. Knee deep.

Walking through the forest.

The sun catching the snow.

The landscape glittering.

The sound of snow crunching under your feet.

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