Gina Glover: Liminal World – Hoopers Gallery, 18 February 2010

I came across this exhibition by chance. I’d never been to the Hoopers Gallery before and was given a warm welcome on arrival, which made up for the miserable drenching journey.

And to be honest, I’d never heard of Gina Glover either but the review of Liminal World I read caught my eye. “A gorgeous antidote to our fast-paced life” (copyright Steve Pill, Metro).

Glover uses a pinhole camera which requires long exposures and this gives her images a very distinct feel: the figures blur a little, colours blend together slightly. They look like images from dreams.

A simple object commanding the image such as Blue Bench or Yellow Hut. Or we’re faced with a landscape which draws you in and captures your imagination such as The High Road, Storm or France Profonde. Lovely stuff.

The exhibition continues downstairs with Pathways to Memory 1986-1999 but these works are different, more biographical. They’re good images, well taken and composed. Family members and familiar objects in her garden. Not for me I’m afraid. And I’m sorry I saw these last as it took away from my enjoyment of Liminal World.

Liminal World is on at the Hoopers Gallery until 5 March. FREE.

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