Glorious March

"It was one of those March days..." (Charles Dickens, Great Expectations)

What a lovely day! Well, the whole weekend has been lovely actually.

This morning, I despatched the Other Half to the Natural History Museum (he was keen to see the Wildlife Photographer of The Year 2013 exhibition) and spent a couple of hours in the garden. There isn’t much more for me to do now. The next step is to get a professional gardener in to help me shape things. I’m keen to use the space this summer. The backdoor remained open for most of the day.

This in sharp contrast to last month. I’m keen to do a review of February today and looking through my photos, I can hardly believe that these were taken only a few weeks ago. Chalk and cheese.

Anyway, February wasn’t all bad. We had some great days out.

  • Nordicana. The event was a bit of a disappointment. But we got to see MartinSaga and the iconic car! I mean… how cool
  • We went on a guided street art walking tour of East London. That was great. A couple of hours around Brick Lane and Shoreditch looking at the most influential works and understanding a bit more about the culture and the messages
  • Carthy, Hardy, Farrell and Young at the Albany. Probably four of the most talented young British female folk musicians about. Fiddles, traditional songs and shanties
  • A late (freezing) afternoon cruise on the Thames with an architect looking at London’s buildings through the ages. London is  a building site. Constantly morphing. Juxtaposition of the old and the new. Some interesting facts: all the new Jubilee line stations were designed by different architects; Battersea Park was made possible with earth from the docks in the east; the bridges are varied and genuinely stunning (please pay attention to them next time you’re in their vicinity); architecture is more curvy and freeform nowadays thanks to computer software and the American Embassy is moving south of the river

Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia (Nordicana 2014)

Saga Norén's car (Nordicana 2014)

Please wait here until you are useful (February 2014)

Street artist Stik (February 2014)

Yellow line art (February 2014)

Street art guided walk (February 2014)

Giant black and white animal street art (February 2014)

Charing Cross bridge (February 2014)

Building sites (February 2014)

The old and the new (February 2014)

February was great.

But I’m glad we’re in March now.


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