Gods Own Junkyard – Walthamstow, October 2013

WOW, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Coffee & Doughnuts, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Cake, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Yeehaa, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Lenin, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Stage Door, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Harley, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)

Hand Crafted With Pride In London, Gods Own Junkyard (October 2013)
(All works @ Gods Own Junkyard)

One grey Saturday morning in October, we trotted off to unknown territory.

Our destination? Gods Own Junkyard.

I love the fact that after so many years, there is still so much of London to discover. And Gods Own Junkyard is one of our most exciting discoveries in a long time.

I defy anyone who visits Gods Own Junkyard not to be wowed or smile. It’s that kind of place.

Neons. Colours. Fun. Intense. Signs you want to own.

Sadly, the yard had already been cleared out but there were still many neons and signs to check out.

This place should definitely be on everyone’s to do list, but make sure to check the website for location and opening hours.

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