Hot destinations for 2010

If you need some inspiration, then have a look at the destinations the experts are tipping for 2010. 

Wanderlust have compiled a month-by-month list:
January: the Philippines
February: Brazil
March: Sweden
April: Mumbai (India)
May: Damascus (Syria)
June/July: South Africa
August: Edinburgh (UK)
September: DR Congo
October: Mexico
November: Arabia (UAE and Oman)
December: New Zealand

DR Congo, the Gulf countries and Damascus sound exciting. These destinations conjure images of mystery and adventure and it’s good to see them on the list. Would also be good to see tourism returning to Mumbai. The Philippines make an appearance as the ‘secret’ South-East destination and the tourist-free isles of the Philippines certainly sound intriguing. I’m bored, however, of seeing New Zealand on these lists, years after years. And South Africa for the summer is far too predictable.

The Lonely Planet‘s top ten destinations are:
El Salvador
New Zealand

New Zealand, hey? How predictable. Apart from that, it’s an exciting list with exotic destinations (Suriname and El Salvador). Good to see a few European countries on the list with Greece, Portugal and Germany. And whether it’s the Obama phenomenon or not, it’s good to see the USA there too. Whether you go for cities or national parks, you can’t go wrong. It’s a stunning country.

Morocco, however, is so 2009 as far as I’m concerned…

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