Illuminated igloo, Lapland (Finland) –

Illuminated igloo, Kakslauttanent, Lapland, Finland (
Illuminated igloo, Kakslauttanen, Lapland, Finland (© Arctic-Images/Iconica/Getty Images). Source: (21 January 2013)


It’s funny how things turn out.

We came home from Cornwall last night. We spent the weekend on sunny beaches, all wrapped up to fend off the cold wind.

We couldn’t have had a more different weekend than the one people in London must have had.

We came home to snow (a good 20cm of snow!) and travel chaos.

Travel to work was easy this morning. It did cross my mind that everyone was getting a snow-day and we didn’t know about it.

This abundance of snow (and long may it continue) made me think of our trip to Nellim last March.

And by complete coincidence, today’s image on is all about Lapland.

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