I recently got a comment on one of my posts which I had to censor. It was disguised as a comment but was trying to sell you something you don’t necessarily want. One of those.

At first, the comment appeared to be a valid one. Someone writing to say that they knew it was their choice whether to read my post or not… but they felt that thay had wasted their time. I had some points to make but mainly they felt, I was moaning and they didn’t want to read about soemone moaning.

They didn’t quite say it like that, but that was the essence of their comment… until they came to ‘sell’ you whatever it was they were selling. Although it was just a ruse, their comment made me think.

Am I too negative? Should I post about the good experiences and not mention the bad ones? I have always been honest in my posts. I explain what I like and why and what I don’t like and why. Should I take the view that if I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all or should I continue to say it like it is?

One to ponder.

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