Itchy feet!

So… I’ve had my main holiday for the year already (Greenland, March) and I’ve had an exiciting city break (Reykjavik, April)… And now it’s May! It’s only May… and I’m already restless.

I have a weekend in Dorset planned and a couple of weeks in Cornwall in the summer… but I still have itchy feet. I’m spending every lunchtime researching possible destinations and future adventures.

As far as I can see, these are my only options:

  • Grin and bear it
  • Spend the weekend listing stuff on eBay to raise the cash for a trip
  • Spend next year’s budget

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I'm an inquisitive being. Everything is an adventure: art, architecture, colours, food, patterns, people... and travel! And I love elephants. That's what I mostly write about.
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