January snow

Snow (January 2013)

Woke up to a timid snow fall a few days ago.

Big smiles.

It continued to snow throughout the day but it got too wet for it to stick around. I didn’t mind too much as I knew more snow was on its way. And indeed, today, we have a proper snow day!

And boy it’s cold (the arctic gear is coming in handy).

We’re slowly getting to grips with life here, settling back into our lives.

This wintery spell is giving me a chance to catch up with a few Christmas-related stories (keep an eye out for these over the next few days) and the opportunity, for now, to say how much I’m looking forward to 2013.

We already have so much going on already – eight gigs and three plays booked! And of course, many more adventures.

For the year, I have kept my wishes to the bare minimum – more travel; make the most of all opportunities which present themselves to me; eat great food; read more books and have fun.

I am also toying with the idea of getting back in touch with a few people.

On the food front, we have discovered a great website and have already cooked two recipes from it – this really tasty soba noodle with aubergine and mango dish and this winter pasta recipe. Yummy.

On Monday night, we had this roasted red pepper, smokey paprika and tomato soup. Well tasty.

So far, so good.

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