Morocco Overland – December 2009 to January 2010

Leaving London Friday lunchtime… arriving Casablanca Sunday night!

The journey went something like this:

– Tube (from work to St Pancras)
– Eurostar to Paris (delayed due to weather conditions)
– Taxi (a race across Paris from Gare du Nord to Austerlitz)
– Overnight train to Madrid (delayed departure; missed our coach connection as a result)
– Train to Atocha station
– Train to Algeciras… had to get off at Araquenta due to engineering work
– Replacement bus service to Algeciras
– Taxi to our hotel
– Taxi to the port
– Ferry to Tangiers
– Petit taxi to the railway station
– Train to Sidi Kacem (engine broke down and had to wait for a long long while for replacement engine to turn up)
– Train from Sidi Kacem to Casablanca (delayed!)
– 5 mins walk to the hotel…

A long long journey…

The highlights undoubtedly were getting off the ferry in Tangiers and getting to meet and talk to so many people… not something you get to do normally when you just have to board a plane!

Would I do it again, hell yes! But I’d take my time and would make sure to build in cushions for delays.

The flight home certainly wasn’t as exciting.

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