Muffins, coffee and cleaning – last weekend in a nutshell!

Blackberry muffins (November 2012)

Blackberry muffins, ready for the oven (November 2012)

Blackberry muffin, yummy (November 2012)

New coffee machine (November 2012)

great exhibition on Saturday.

More house cleaning (what’s got into us recently?). We removed the secondary glazing in the living room to give the windows a good clean. Daylight. At last. And until we get the curtains back from the dry cleaners, we live in a fish bowl.

Blackberry muffins and my first dabbling with buttermilk (strange stuff).

Getting to know the new coffee machine. Oooops!

Jerusalem cookbook
Dinner was from Jerusalem: roasted butternut squash and red onion with tahini and za’atar. Really scrummy (and easy to make I understand). Accompanied by a homemade flat middle-eastern loaf.

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