Nice weather for ducks

First Great Western (November 2012)

The severe flooding we’ve been experiencing across the country over the last few days meant that we were unable to go down to Cornwall for the weekend.

Bye bye relaxing weekend away, spa treatments, walks by the sea…

Hello London.

A whole weekend in London and no plans.

So unlike us.

A whole, wet, weekend in London to be precise.

Ducks, John Lewis (November 2012)

No wonder the ducks look happy!

They’ve had it good this year!

Apart from the break we had for the Olympics and the paralympics, this has been the year of rain.

Meringues, Borough Market (November 2012)

Shard in the mist (November 2012)

Christmas granola, Borough Market (November 2012)

Tomatillos, Borough Market (November 2012)

Flower shop, Borough Market (November 2012)

Colourful umbrellas, Borough Market (November 2012)

So. Our impromptu weekend went something like this:

  • On Friday, after work, we attempted to make a start at Christmas shopping. That didn’t go very well. No inspiration. Quite worrying.
  • A trip to Borough Market, where the other half treated himself to a massage (lucky thing). Don’t those tomatillos look good. I have no idea what one would do with tomatillos. But they look good.
  • A Scandinavian Christmas fair (more on that soon)
  • We put the finishing touches to our Christmas card design. You’ll have to wait a little before I can share it with you. I think it’s rather nice!

Food was great however. Even at such short notice. We made Jamie’s Roasted Chilli Frittata for Saturday brunch and this lovely winter warming Curried Lentil Soup. We’d made both of these before. And we’ll make them again. Yummy.

Apple and pear cake (November 2012)

Ready for the oven (November 2012)

The apple and pear cake, ready to be eaten (November 2012)

Talking about food. I baked an apple and pear cake last weekend (a recipe from a Waitrose magazine). The cake was very easy to make and the batter was lovely and smooth. I was a bit worried when I put it all together – the apple and pear bits stayed at the top, but they slowly sunk as the cake rose, so all was well in the end. I took it to a family gathering. Perfect for grown-ups and little ones.

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