Only two sleeps left

Winter sky (December 2013)

Red berry tree (December 2013)

A walk in the park (December 2013)

Leaves and stone stairs in the secret garden (December 2013)

Christmas scene (December 2013)

The Borrowers (December 2013)

Illustration from The Borrowers (December 2013)

Illustrated page from The Borrowers (December 2013)

I was so sure we were heading for snow a few weeks ago when it got cold. But all dreams of a white Christmas Day have evaporated now, as heavy rain and high winds are battering the country.

Time to stay indoors.

Time to slow everything down.

The tree is lit. The house smells of Christmas.

The last few weeks have passed quickly. Routines established: swimming, walks in the park, cuddling in the warmth with great books. I can’t believe I had never heard of The Borrowers until a couple of weeks ago. I got an old battered copy out of the library. What a treasure! It is precious with gorgeous illustrations. The perfect book to read (and discover) at this time of year.

Last night, we met a group of friends we hadn’t seen for years for a meal. The evening went quickly without any awkward moments. We have many more reunions with friends over the next few days. Reconnecting.

Christmas wishes are landing on the doormat. We have received invitations to visit friends in Malmö; Hamburg; Phnom Penh and a cottage in the country in the New Year.

Incredibly for us, we have no trips booked for the new year, and it feels good. We are working on potential ideas but I’m enjoying the current freedom and the weightlessness which comes with it.

Planning maybe just the next day ahead. My treat for tomorrow? The Fir Tree.

Enjoying the here and now.

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