Overnight train journeys

Oh how I love overnight train journeys.

That feeling of chugging along. The spirit of camaraderie onboard. The vast distances covered. The sneak glances out of the window to try and make out something, anything. And you get to meet people. There’s so much going on… you don’t really get any sleep. If that’s not travel, I don’t know what it.

Anyway. My journeys so far:

  • London Paddington to St Austell (UK)
  • Hue to Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Paris to Florence (France to Italy)
  • Paris to Madrid (France to Spain)
  • Brasov to Satu Mare (Romania)
  • Oruro to Uyuni (Bolivia)

I got thinking about them a few days ago as I was shortlisting ideas for a future trip. One had a long train journey (40 hours) and I got quite excited.

The long daytime journeys are brilliant too. You get to see so much.

I’d love to hear about your favourite journeys. Go on, inspire me.

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