Random acts of appearances and disappearances

Shower tray (July 2014)

False walls (July 2014)

We spent the whole of last weekend at home. Which was great. The Other Half went for a run. We went back to our recipe project and cooked good food. We made various decisions on the bathroom (our builders had left us a set of questions) and got excited at the definite progress. This is a project six years in the making!

Crazy, hey.

We have the shower tray in place. You can’t really see it. It’s underneath all that stuff in the corner (a coffee machine??). Yesterday, we saw where the towel rail will be, but it has miraculously disappeared again today. Wooden structures are appearing. Mainly to correct the wonky work from the Victorian workers who built the extension. To ensure that the floor tiles look nice, tidy and lined up, we need to create false walls. Ah.

The house is dusty. Extremely dusty. There is wood and bathroom supplies everywhere. So much stuff everywhere that we can’t open the back door and make the most of this warm weather we’re having.

So we’ve been going out.

To Koko to see Conor Oberst. I knew very little about the man or the music… and sometimes, that can lead to beautiful things. This was a surprise gift for the Other Half (one of his all time must-see gigs). Songs which made an impression and stayed with me: Zigzagging Toward the Light and Cape Canaveral. I need to listen to him more. I think I could really like him.

To Bush Hall to see Sturgill Simpson. Yes. You’re right. We’ve seen him this year already. At the Slaughtered Lamb. It’s pretty much country and western for this girl right now. With some bluegrass thrown in for good measure. The perfect music for a hot summer day. Great gig (there’s a review of it here). Bush Hall. Our first time there. What a lovely venue. And an important one it seems. Everyone. As in everyone has played there. Kings of Leon, R.E.M., The Killers, Any Winehouse, Suede, Florence and the Machine and the list goes on.

To the Barbican to see Les Ambassadeurs. I can never find my way to the Barbican or navigate once I’m in. But the acoustics make it one of the best venues to see gigs in London I’d say. A fun night. That vibe from West Africa. It was full on. Noisy. Big. On my feet. Dancing, or as close to dancing as it gets for me.

Now that I see them together, that’s quite an eclectic range of music and style.

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