Random International: Rain Room – Barbican, February 2013

Rain Room (February 2013)

People in the Rain Room (February 2013)

Heavy rain, Rain Room (February 2013)

Spots of colour in the rain, Rain Room (February 2013)

Rain Room ceiling (February 2013)

So much fun.

The anticipation is very much part of the experience: what will it be like? Will I get wet?

And slowly, people are admitted in… and you’re getting ever closer. And then you’re in. All you have to do is take that first step. Hmmm. Easier said than done. You are, after all, voluntarily walking into a downpour!

But we braved it and for our rewards, we had tremendous fun.

We. Controlled. The. Rain.

Oh yeah.

As I was queuing, I overheard people chatting as they walked us: ‘what are these people queuing for?’, and after reading about the Rain Room, ‘what? they’re queuing to stand in the rain? Doh. I can stand outside and be under the rain, I don’t need to queue’.

Yeah. You can stand outside and get wet. But can you control the rain, like we did? Can you stand in the rain and stay dry?

Was it worth the 130 minutes spent queuing? Hell yeah.

Would I queue again? Meh.

Rain Room queue notice (February 2013)

The website states that queuing time is always around three hours so there’s no getting round that unfortunately. But I’d queue again for 30-40 minutes.

Random International: Rain Room is on at the Barbican until 3 March. FREE.

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