Random Stuff #10

The house feels like it has lost its soul.  The Christmas decorations are down. The tree is gone. The Other Half and I agree: this has been our best ever tree. And I know, in a way, that I have been lucky. I was able to make the most of it.

But all good things come to an end. And we’re now in January.

“In Finnish, the month of tammikuu means the heart of the winter and because the name literally means Oak moon, it can be inferred that the oak tree is the heart of grand forest with many valuable trees as opposed to the typical Arctic forests which are typically pine and spruce. The photograph of a large tree covered with ice against a blue sky is a familiar scene during Finland’s winter.” (Source: Wikipedia)

In this week’s Random Stuff, we have a bit of everything. From a bear which makes me smile to some twenty first century poetry, via travel ideas for 2014. Everything.



> This Pooh Bear from Etsy makes me smile.

> Pondering your travel plan for the new year? These 40 travel ideas may help. And the best thing about these ideas is that there are some to match all budgets and time constraints.

> Jason Kottke tells us that blogs died a few years back.

> We should all have poetry in our lives and Google knows that. Or maybe it doesn’t but its autocomplete suggestions read like poems.

Turophobia (so sad) and 12 other unusual phobias… like papaphobia?



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