Random Stuff #11

It’s a tradition. Each new calendar year, I get myself a cardboard box from either Muji or Paperchase. This becomes my box for the year. In that box, I keep all sorts of mementos (wow… apparently you can spell that ‘mementos’ or ‘mementoes’) from my year.

The first thing to go in my 2014 box is the memorial service order for a dear friend, who passed away on 29 December after a short illness.

The last 14 days have been hard. I woke up on the day of the funeral and thought that if I stayed in bed, it wouldn’t happen. All would be fine. The service was exceptionally lovely and heartfelt, and horrendous. On my way there, I made a list of memories.

This Random Stuff is dedicated to M.

You get to meet many people in life. Some are special. M. was one of these people. An inspiration. Always fun. Slightly out there. The best hostess ever. Passionate about travel. Always looking for that next experience.

Carpe diem.


> The Teeth Maker of Kandahar

> Walking on the promenade. Eating. Drinking. Late nights. Always fun. I’ll treasure the memories of our weekends in Hove and our many discussions about the West Pier

> The very serious issue of sex tourism in the Gambia where we met, and our very first discussion

> The rules of croquet. Only to be played with jugs of Pimms and afternoon tea, of course

> Thank you M. for showing us what life is about. And no one puts it better than Édith Piaf



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