Random stuff #12

Have you noticed how at 5pm, you can see a tiny bit of colour in the sky? That’s just wonderful. That makes me so happy I could skip right now.

Enjoy the links below.


> All you need to know about making the perfect cuppa.

> We now know that eating locally grown food is best. For you, for the environment, and for your local growers. Eat the Seasons helps you make the most of the UK seasonal food.

Beni Isguen, Algeria (© George Steinmetz/Corbis).

> Meanwhile in Belarus, a parrot is put forward as candidate in a local council election. Ah the futility of Belarusian politics!

> And finally, if you’re thinking of tying the knot this year, make sure your prospective spouse gives you well-deserved compliments and delivers unconditional love. They also need these other 18 qualities. Accept no less.


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