Random Stuff #13

The temperature’s dropping. The rain is still… raining. I can’t get warm.

I am also having issues with my blog host provider (boring); all my photos up to 6 January 2014 are lost (** breathe **). They’ve suggested that I re-attach them all one by one. All 934 of them. Yeah right. That’s not going to happen. But it needs to be fixed. I have also having issues with my camera. My ‘proper’ camera broke in Svalbard. The little one I’m using now is fine, except that it has started to overexpose every shot and I am unable to find the setting to rectify this. Technology hey.

Ah, that reminds me. I have finally devised a system to keep tabs of where I find stuff. Finally. The new stuff is okay, but the old stuff… hmm… so if you recognise stuff and feel that it is not properly credited or something, get in touch. I’ll change it, edit it, credit it or remove it.

And as I’m feeling a tad grumpy today, our Random Stuff this week is about raising a smile or wowing us.

Enjoy. Smile. Be wowed.


> The ‘make everything ok‘ button. Yep. Now. And I need to keep this close by.

Works of art on sandwich bags. A dad surprises his kids daily with beautiful and fun hand-drawn sandwich bags. How cool are they? I wouldn’t mind my lunch bags looking that great, hint hint.

> Hello Bear, hello.

> A glow-in-the-dark beach in the Maldives. Stunning images of surf lit up by glowing plankton.

> And I want to put on my gnome hat and meet Ann Atkin and her 2,000 gnomes and pixies. In fact, a walk in the gnome reserve is probably what I need right now. How very… profoundly… British. Thank you Ann. Thank you.



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