Random Stuff #15

Welcome to this week’s Random Stuff.

From IQ tests to cat shrines, we have a real mixed bag this week.



> 2014, the wettest start to a year since 1767. Storms. Floodings. Rain. Non-stop. Rain. Why we all need to learn from Kayden if we’re going remain sane this year (via Heather)

> I must go to Cat Island, mostly for the cats, but also for the cat shrines and the cat-shaped stone monuments and because I really want to stay in a cat-shaped home

> Feeling brave? Fancy taking the 2014 IQ challenge?

> A 30 second time-lapse photo of airplanes departing San Diego airport (via Jensie Jean)

> Sochi 2014. Not watching the Olympics highlights is hard. I love the Olympics but I feel I need to make a point in the face of Vladimir Putin’s Facebook movie; ‘gay propaganda’ lawsGreenpeace Arctic and Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s open-letter. It is a symbolic gesture; it doesn’t mean anything and it will achieve even less. I know that. What I also know is that I’m enjoying the ‘sad Sochi winter Olympics’ photos and Twitter updates.



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