Random Stuff #16

So, the good news is that I’m now back at work full time. The greater news is that I have a lot of leave to take… and so I was at home yesterday, and it did me the world of good. Work has been tiring and draining.

I slept in; gardened in the company of Robin, my feathery friend; watched catch-up TV and did a few household chores but mainly, I did fun things… such as reading old letters from my uncle. These were sent to my mother from Tehran, where he and his wife were working as journalists in 1975. They went to hammams; the weather was hot and consequently, they took naps during the day and lived at night. There were other letters too. An older one informing my mother that he got married and that they were off to Istanbul, Pakistan and then Tehran. Not your usual honeymoon… although I guess these were not unusual destinations back then. The last letter is from Petworth where they settled once they got back from their travels.

My travel bug is clearly down to inherited genes.

Happy Tuesday. Enjoy.


> The Paris Letters Project. Each month, Janice MacLeod creates a letter. “I paint it, copy it and personalize it with your name. Then I mail it off in the post with a pretty stamp”. Once you’ve checked out Janice’s video, you’ll want a subscription.

> The Maha Kumbh Mela. Bridges. People. Bridges. People. Lots of bridges. Lots of people. Wolfgang Weinhardt’s mesmerising shot earned him a place on the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards shortlist. Good luck.

> The spice route. Possibly the best greetings cards I have ever seen, curtsey of Holy Mackerel UK. I’m quite taken by Thyme Management too. Thyme management, aha.

> Sweden’s ice orchestra. Wouldn’t your hands get cold? Oh hang on. A frozen banjo? Yes please.

> Meanwhile in Uganda, a village forgotten by the authorities wants to ‘move’ to Rwanda.



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