Random Stuff #17

Things are looking up. There is less rain about. The days are slowly getting longer. Daffodils and snowdrops are brightening our days, and trees are burgeoning. Spring is in the air. The nights are so clear we can see stars.

And yet, I can’t believe that we’ve had no snow this winter. None whatsoever.

Ah. Anyway, here’s a bunch of links. Enjoy!

Actually, before you enjoy these links, I have been asked to re-attach photos to an old blog post (yes, yes, that’s still ongoing, oh what fun…), and so apologies if an old story pops up on your feed. I’m hoping it won’t, but just in case.


> I’m ready to leave the rain behind. We’ll always have the memories… of our politicians in wellies staring at floods (via Becky)

> Belgium has two brand new shiny pandas. And Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo went to have a look at Hao Hao at the airport

> More looking. This time, we have a whole ‘in memoriam’ site dedicated to Kim Jong-il looking at things

> Hey girl. This is it. Are you ready? Step up, please. Ryan is waiting to kiss you. Oh yeah

> My love affair with LEGO is showing no signs of abating. And why should it, when I can stare in awe at the Legographer’s travel shots?



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