Random Stuff #18

Yeah. That’s the sort of week I like. More sunny days. Less rain. Baked goods at work to raise money for charity (happy to help). I had a pistachio and rose cupcake and a rosemary, parmesan and sun-dried tomato elephant ear. Both were yummy. I’ve found a recipe for the elephant ear thing and I’ve added that to the list of baking.

Talking of baking, I have been gorging myself on series two of The Great British Bake off. Here, it has been a while since I last baked (amazing how low confidence can affect you) but I’ve picked a recipe for next weekend.

It’s Shrove Tuesday. And the Other Half is currently slaving away in the kitchen… making pancakes.

Things are looking up.

Links to peruse. Enjoy!


> A brief history of popcorn at the movies (thanks Mallory) and why it’s a match made in heaven… unless you’re one of those people who go to the cinema to watch a film and not to listen to your neighbour munching

> I like maps. And so I think I’d like Boston’s Mapparium. Lovely

Ginger & Turmeric Honey Bomb. Because the winter refuses to go away

> Nine rules to follow to make the perfect cuppa. Beware and be warned. I like my tea to be… just right

> Ah Finland. Even the passport‘s fun! (via TwistedSifter)

And because I’m in a good mood today, here’s an extra one. Just because.

> Over in Toronto, Da Mao makes the most of Canada’s polar vortex



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