Random Stuff #19

Aha. Have you noticed that the non-rainy weather is sticking? Lovely.

I have baked my cake and not only did the baking go okay, the cake’s tasty too! Work is progressing here on our bathroom design. We’ve narrowed down the look and have started to commit to the detail (feel free to check out our bathroom moodboard on Pinterest). It’s starting to look like it will really happen this year.

I have some real gems for you this week. Enjoy!


> So. I’ve checked the date and checked it again, just to make sure. Today is 11 March. Not 1 April. And so ecstatically, I’m allowing myself to think that the story about someone inventing a gadget that turns water into wine may be true. Aha. I’m looking at what I’ve just typed and I’m beaming from ear to ear. That would do for everyday wine, right? And then, once I’ve made my wine, I’ll be able to take it with me everywhere using a vinnibag (incidentally, if I’d found one of those in my Christmas stocking, I would have swooned). Oh please, let someone fund the miracle gadget

> Former paratrooper Paul Hutchings spent months taking photos of the real Afghanistan. Check them out. They’re outstanding

> A quarter-ish into 2014 and here are 14 things we should stop stressing about this year

> Speaking from experience. When people know you’re suffering from depression, they tend not to ask you how you’re doing or they don’t look you in the eye. When you’re having good days, they think that you’re back to ‘normal’ and that’s that. Libba Bray‘s ernest tale of living under the cloud is spot on (via Geraldine). And if you’re struggling to relate to someone who suffers from depression, make sure you watch I had a black dog, his name was depression (thank you Susannah)

> And because it’s only Tuesday, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make an office crossbow



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