Random Stuff #2

Iceland featured heavily in my first ever Random Stuff feature. This was a coincidence. But of course… I suspect Scandinavia will often make an appearance in Random Stuff. It’s just the way things are.



> This is what I would do all day if I didn’t have to do other things. I would watch the Longyearbyen webcam. Not a lot happens there to be honest (especially now that daylight hours are limited)… but the scenery is simply stunning.

> Things are slowly getting back to normal in the States, but this BBC article on 10 unexpected consequences of the US shutdown is an eye-opener.

> Purr therapy in Paris.

> John McKinney’s lovely restored old stone house in the Hudson Valley is a labour of love.

> From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes… Check out Alex Chinneck’s latest installation in Margate. It’s wacky.




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