Random Stuff #4

Got back home late last night. Our last big trip of the year. Not the best timing that one with all that’s been going on but we made what we could of it.

So, while I unpack and get my head around things, why don’t you take a look at the fun links below?


> Brrr… It’s gone a bit nippy, hasn’t it? Despair not. Animal help is at hand. How about this amazing polar bear scarf (or the penguin one for that matter) and a giraffe hat to keep warm?

> I love quirky museums… and the pencil museum in Cumbria is as quirky as they come (have you guys seen The Sightseers?).

> A talented mum turns nap time into wild adventures. Some of these are funny and awesome.

> Only in Japan. A restaurant with no waiters.

> And here’s a map showing what each country does best compared to all other countries (if you have a small screen, clicking over sections of the map will magnify it).



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